Monday, June 27, 2011

Delhi Belly

All of a sudden in the middle of 2011 - I had a flurry of Delhi trips. Although Mumbai is the most favoured destination of mine but off late Iv happened to land in Delhi for some reason or the other. I think Delhi's famous restaurants serving authentic Mughlai cuisine might be one big reason for the same.
The community centre at New Friendz Colony locality has some very good restaurants serving Chinese, Mughlai, Veg food, Giani Ice cream etc.
The 'Kotis Food Court' at Nehru Place has good names of Gourmet industry.
The best Chinese restaurant food chain in Delhi is that of 'Side Wok', which has a dictionary like menu. Their price is high but the food is yummy. It not only has dishes which 1 can dream of but also its nitty gritty composition.
2 street side Nonveg restaurants at Bengali Gole Market area also serve cheap Mughlai food, esp. exotic mouth watering Kebabs !
Select City Walk n DLF malls at Saket are not just any other Delhi malls with the usual shops n food court. Situated right beside them is the famous 'Food Chowk' which houses a number of small foodie outlets. The impressive list includes Karim's, Maharashtrian delicacies, Hyderabadi food, Bengali sweets n a pan shop to name a few.
One of the best Non Veg food outlet in Delhi is 'Nazeer' at V3S mall. The heavenly TGIF at Raja Garden's Westgate Mall is also too good. Roadside juice shops in Delhi selling Mangoshakes (with ice-cream n Cherry) r better revitalizers than Lassis.
State guest houses n bhavans in Delhi also serve their ethnic cuisines. Andhra bhavan has a relatively cheap restaurant. At Goa guest house 1 can also have traditional goan fish curry rice n goan sweets like Bebinca n Dodol. Almost all of these state guest houses are situated in Chanakyapuri area.
However in Mcdonalds, the recently introduced Mcnuggets tastes just like 'Indian Chicken Bhajias' !
In one such trip I happened to visit Delhi's famous Karim's restaurant at Nizamuddin area. Gurda kaleji n Bheja fry there were superb.
A trip at its Malviya Nagar outlet proved horrendous. As sometimes they say - extra knowledge is also dangerous - I had a whole lot of Internet compiled stuff of it's dishes. The main course dishes proved tasteless. Some didn't have spices or proper gravy, even the regular 'Phirni' didn't taste that sweet.
Another time I happened to visit the 3 adjoining malls at Gurgaon > Promenade-Emporio-Ambience. Emporio can be called the costliest mall of the country. The filthily rich Emporio mall [with Italian marble flooring] has big names of retail business. With a lot of confidence in 1 of such shops I asked the price of a wallet - it starts from 20,000 INR they said n that was it. A visibly shocked Saibel couldn't even refuse the seller n immediately went to the next mall Promenade. There I mustered up my strength to purchase a Blazer. After many trials in Delhi summertime, this time the seller bluntly said - 'Sir the colour for 1 u have selected is not available of your size'. (:
Lastly I visited Ambience mall where a huge outdoor screen for watching rain infested cricket matches grabbed my attention. A 'King's Kulfi' outlet at the food joint had a number of flavoured Kulfis, including chiku, pan, banana etc.
I also happened to visit the recently opened restaurant at Cannought Place - called the 'G'. It has fabulous marble decorated interiors. Eating Mutton Burra there proved to be the best I have had.
On an another Delhi trip I happened to visit the famous 'Kebab Factory' restaurant at the Radisson Hotel near Airport. The bill of 1350/- per person was worth the Non Veg starters, Biryani as the main course and 4 different types of desserts, esp. Jalebi with Rabri.
1 of the good things that i like about Delhi is that there are good pan shops all around the place. These pan shops r usually owned by residents from UP [Ullu/Ulta Pradesh].
Old fast food outlet - Wimpy's is still a place worth visiting once n so is the food at Noida's Golf course restaurant, Swagath restaurant oppo. Noida's GIP Mall, Lazeez Affaire restaurant at Malcha Marg Shopping Complex in Chanakyapuri, Gulati restaurant [for Falooda Rabri] at Pandara Road etc.

After scanning most of Delhi's famous gourmet destinations i must say - Amir Khusro's famous lines were written not for Kashmir but Delhi restaurants - Agar Firdous Ba Roye Zameen Ast, Hame Asto, Hame Asto  Hami Ast !!!

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